This document was last modified on: February 01, 2024


We are only willing to link and cause referrals to websites that we believe are safe and respectful of the rights of their visitors as well as the performers and rights holders whose content is displayed.

We strive to be as inclusive and objective as possible in determining whether websites meet our criteria. At the same time, we wish to minimize the risk of us (inadvertently) promoting and driving visitors to websites which we cannot support based on our values, ethics, and legal obligations.

Please read our rules below and make sure you comply when using or considering our Traffic Services.

Our rules

  1. We have absolutely zero tolerance for websites or content containing (or promoting) child sexual abuse material (CSAM) or child sexual exploitation material (CSEM).
  2. We also refuse to link and cause referrals to:
    1. Webpages or content violating anyone’s legal rights, including:
      1. Visitors of the website or page. Examples of violation:
        • Malware, trojans, viruses, or other malicious code aimed at ‘hacking’ or (otherwise) performing unauthorized operations on visitors’ devices;
        • Fraudulent or misleading offers (scams), obtaining payment without providing the promised goods or services in return;
        • Collecting, storing, using or otherwise processing personal data of visitors without their consent or another valid legal basis under applicable laws (e.g., GDPR).
      2. Performers or other persons shown. Examples of violation:
        • Showing any person (who appears) younger than 18 years old (even if that person is not performing sexual activities or showing nudity);
        • Showing any person who has not given (legally valid) consent for creation and/or publication of the content, including:
          • ‘Revenge porn’, i.e., posting sexually explicit material of an ex-partner without consent to hurt or harm the ex-partner;
          • Consent was coerced or otherwise not (freely) given, for example in the context of sex trafficking, exploitation, intimidation, blackmail, or harassment;
          • Deepfakes of individuals who have not given their consent to do so.
        • Showing non-consensual acts and/or violence, bestiality or (other) acts showing intent to inflict real harm to people or animals, or is otherwise in clear disregard of their health and safety.
      3. Owners of copyrights and/or similar rights protecting creative work. Examples of violation:
        • Publishing content without a valid license (permission) of the rights holder(s).
    2. Webpages or content advertising, promoting, or supporting violation of anyone’s legal rights. Examples of violation:
      1. Soliciting, ‘grooming’, preparing, or (otherwise) promoting sexual acts with any person younger than 18 years old (including animated content involving minors).
      2. Advertisement of content that is clearly stolen, pirated, or otherwise in clear violation of the rights of performers and/or the legitimate owners of copyrights and other legal rights to the content.
    3. Webpages or content deemed unacceptable by PBWM in its discretion, including, for example, content describing or showing:
      1. Feces (poop, scat, shit), vomit (puke), blood;
      2. Drunk or intoxicated individuals;
      3. Discrimination by race or other characteristics;
      4. Incest (sexual acts between blood relatives);
      5. Acts closely related to infringing the law;
      6. Terms that are on PBWM’s banned terms list (e.g. “drunk”).

Notice and Action Policy

If you believe that any content (linked to) on our website violates our Acceptable Content Policy, you may let us know in accordance with our Notice and Action Policy. Upon receipt of your notice, we will respond in accordance with our Policy.

Laws applicable to (adult oriented) websites in general

Let’s be clear: we believe that adult content that is made with complete and informed consent of the performers and with respect for health and safety, should be legal for persons over 18 in any jurisdiction in the world. Unfortunately, not all jurisdictions in the world currently agree and some even appear to find nudity and consensual sex more offensive and harmful than crimes like corruption or physical violence. As operators of adult oriented websites, we can’t avoid this reality and must navigate it as best we can.

Which laws apply to websites that, due to the open (technical) nature of the Internet, are (normally, subject to measures by Internet providers such as DNS filtering) accessible from anywhere in the world, can be complicated to establish. It is your own responsibility to identify which laws apply to your websites and to operate in accordance with all laws that apply to you.

Laws applicable to our websites, which we comply with

Laws of the Netherlands

As we are a company established in the Netherlands, we first and foremost comply with the laws of the Netherlands. We believe that the laws of the Netherlands are generally liberal towards and suitable for adult content that complies with our values and rules as described above.

Other laws

In addition, we do our utmost to ensure that we comply with the laws of any country where we actively try to attract visitors to our websites.


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