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Last modified: 16 November, 2023


Thank you for joining the program. Now that your account has been approved, let’s get started setting up your campaign(s). Add your site(s) and feed(s) to start receiving traffic.


    • 1 Add sites/domains
    • 2 Add Feeds
    • 3 Manage your campaigns and account
    • 4 FAQ


Please start with reading our documentation, advertising guidelines and have a look at our banned terms list before setting up your first campaign. You will find links to these pages in the account menu (and on your dashboard when you first log in).



When you log into your account you will land on your dashboard. Here you will find a button to add a new site.

  1. Add the domain you want to buy traffic to (without https// or www.)
  1. Specify if users can upload content to your website (even if user uploaded content is only a small % of the total amount of videos). If you are not sure about what to do, please contact us because it affects how we apply some of our policies to your content links.

  2. If you use redirect URLs that use a different domain from the landing page, you can add this domain in the additional allowed domains list.
  1. Provide the following contact information for your domain:
  • DMCA e-mail address: we use this address to forward DMCA notices if we receive these for content links that were provided by you.
  • Inappropriate e-mail address: we use this email address to forward information about content links that allegedly have violated our acceptable content policy.
  • GDPR e-mail address: we use this e-mail address to forward GDPR removal requests.
  • Compliance e-mail address: we use this e-mail address to communicate Q&A related issues.


  1. When you click Save, your site will be submitted for review by our legal department. Our goal is to review each new site within 2 business days after it has been submitted. You will receive an update by e-mail. If, for some reason your site has been rejected, we will provide you with additional information.

In the dashboard you will now see your site has been added and that the status is “waiting for approval

When your site has been approved, the status of the site will change to approved and although the site is listed with traffic active you will need to add your content feeds first before you can actually receive traffic. Please proceed to section 2 (Add feeds) below.



Please read our feed requirements for more information on how to set up a content feed to use in See section 2.3 here

When your feed is ready you can add it by either clicking the new feed button in the dashboard or by going to the feeds menu and select new feed.

Alternatively, in the sites menu you can click the + button next to the site you want to create a feed for.


  1. There are 2 feed types, please select the correct one:
    • Insert & Update: Use this feed type for content links that you want to add or update.
    • Disable: Use this feed type to remove content links.


  1. Select the site the feed belongs to (all your approved sites can be found in the dropdown menu)
  2. URL: insert the URL where the feed is located.
  3. Click Save!

You can now specify the formatting of your .csv file. Fill in the formatting details such as the Delimiter, Quote, Lazy Quotes and if your feed has a header row or not.

If you are not familiar with these terms you can find more information about it by hovering over the I button for additional information. For troubleshooting and common mistakes please see our FAQ which you can find on the last pages of this document.

When you have set the formatting parameters click Try your format. This will perform a short test of the feed with the formatting settings you have specified. In case of errors, please check the formatting settings, make the necessary adjustments, and try again. When the test run seems ok, press Save to move on to the next step.

You can now proceed with mapping the fields of your feed to the corresponding values in our system.

URL Query suffix: Here you can add a suffix (such as a tracking code) that will be added behind each URL in the feed. Only use this if the tracking code is not already hardcoded in the URLs of the feed.

Apply tags to all items in the feed: there are certain tags that you can apply to all content within a certain feed.

  • Orientation: If you add a feed for a Gay or Trans site, please select the appropriate orientation;


  • Paid content: This option should only be used by sites that participate in the premium program (paysites, membership sites, fan sites etc.). Here you can specify the type of premium content and if there is a free preview available on the landing page. Please only use if there is no separate field with this information already in the content feed;


  • Quality: You can use this if the following is true for all content within a feed. HD, 4K and/or VR. Please only use if there is no separate field with this information already in the content feed.


Start mapping the fields in the feed with the appropriate values in the dropdown lists. Fields that, for some reason, cannot or do not need to be mapped can keep the status “ignored”. We advise to use a header line in your .csv which specifies the purpose of each field. This will make it easier for you to map the different fields correctly and avoid mistakes.

Be precise and when finished check if you have done everything correct before clicking save. You will be prompted if you are sure you want to submit the feed. If you are sure that you have done the mapping correctly, click yes, confirm. After this you will not be able to make any changes to the feed until it has been reviewed by us. If you have submitted the feed by mistake, you can cancel your submission if it has not been reviewed yet.You can see the review status of your feed in the Feeds menu.


Our goal is to review each new feed within 1 business day after it has been submitted. You will receive an update by e-mail. If your feed has been rejected, we will provide you with additional information.

Disable Feed

The process for adding a disable feed is similar to the process for the insert & update feeds. The difference is that there is only one field you can specify in a disable feed: the unique item ID.

Please be aware when adding id’s to the disable-feed, the corresponding item(s) will be permanently disabled from our sites. There is no option to restore them. If you want to stop or pause traffic please use the stop traffic button.




Changing/Updating your company information: If you want to change or update your company information please send an email to your account manager with the new information. If the company changes you will also receive a new agreement to sign on behalf of the new company.

Change your Password: If you want to change your password, log into your account and request a password change in the user menu. If you have forgotten your password you are able to request a password reset on the login page.

Manage Sites:

In the Sites menu you will find an overview of the sites you have added to (active and non-active). For each site you can monitor and manage the following:

    • + button1: Add a feed for the site
    • Info button2: See which information you have submitted for the site
    • Pencil icon3: Edit the information you have submitted for the site
      • Content origin (UGC or non-UGC)
      • Add or remove additional allowed domains
      • Update the contact information for: DMCA, Inappropriate content, GDPR and Compliance
    • Horizontal bars icon4: Monitor traffic statistics. Here you will find the amount of clicks you have received (our stats) and the market share of the site
    • Pause /play button5: Pause and Restart traffic
    • Bin icon6: Remove a site. Please note you can only remove a site if the traffic and feeds are no longer active



In the feeds menu you will find an overview of your active and pending feeds. When you pause a feed, it will be set to the pending status. At the top of the page, you will find a filter which will help you to sort and filter your feeds by type, site, and status. This will help you to manage your feeds when you operate multiple sites in

Pending feeds:

This is a list of feeds which you have added to but which are currently not being processed. Feeds that you see here can have 3 types of status:

  1. Pending: this status indicates that you have submitted a new feed and it is awaiting review by us
  2. Rejected: when you have submitted a feed which has been rejected by us, please check your email for the rejection reason
  3. Needs additional action: These are feeds which have been added by you but have not yet been submitted or have been paused by you

There are 3 buttons next to the pending feed:

  • i button: here you can find additional information about your feed such as the schedule and format settings
  • Continue button: this will take you to the step where you left off. If you have paused a feed, you will be able to submit it again
  • Bin button: this will delete the feed from


Live feeds:

For live (active) feeds there are a few additional buttons and some extra information.

You can see the schedule of the feed (this is set automatically on our end). You can also see the last time the feed was processed.

  • Finished: this means your feed was processed (please note that there could still be errors while processing the feed)
  • Not modified: this means the feed was checked but it has not changed since the last time it was processed
  • Parse failed: this means there was an error while processing the feed (more information about the errors can be found by clicking on the feed statistics button)
  • Download failed: this means we tried to download the feed but the request was rejected by your server or it was not available
  • Error percentage: a high error percentage indicates that there is an issue with the content of the fields or field count.


Please check your feeds on a regular basis (at least once per month) to see if there are any errors! Errors might result in less content indexed on our network and therefore less traffic.

Click the buttons next to the feed for additional information and management options for the feeds:

  • info button1: this opens a general overview of the feed, and which fields you have specified
  • Edit button2: here you can edit the feed. Please note that when you edit a feed it will be automatically paused, and you have to re-submit it
  • Edit/configure the format3: clicking this button will take you to the page where you can edit the format settings. Please note that when you edit a feed it will be automatically paused, and you have to re-submit it
  • Edit/configure mapping4: clicking this button will take you to the page where you can edit the mapping settings. Please note that when you edit a feed it will be automatically paused, and you have to re-submit it
  • Stop/Play button5: here you can pause or restart the processing of a feed
  • Feed statistics button6: here you will find the processing history of the latest feed runs. When there are issues with processing your feeds you will be able to find more detailed information about the errors here. Click the i button or the ID to find detailed information about the specific feed run
  • Delete button7: delete a feed. Please note that deleting a feed does not mean traffic to your site will stop. To make this happen you still have to click the stop traffic button in the sites menu.


4. FAQ

Q: Where can I submit my bid?
A: At the moment you cannot submit your bid in Please contact your account manager.

Q: There are enabled and disabled items for my site. However, there are more items disabled than I have removed with my removal feed, why is that?
A: Most likely content has been disabled because of our acceptable content policy or because of take down requests (DMCA, NAP). Please contact your account manager if you require detailed information.

Q: The traffic statistics in are different from what I see in Google Analytics, why?
A: We us our own traffic analytics. Every time one of your content link is clicked on we register it as a click.

Q: My feed status indicates download failed what should I do?
A: Please make sure your server is set up correctly to allow our feed processor to download your .csv. If applicable, you can whitelist our user agent “PBWebMedia-FeedReader/1.0”.

Q: My feed status indicates parse failed what should I do?
A: In most cases this indicates wrong usage of quotes. Please check your feed stats details if you have the following error: CSV parser error caused processing to stop. If you see this error, you can try editing the feed format. For example, change lazy quotes to no or yes, or leave the quote field empty.