Traffic Program Guide


Last modified: 13 March, 2023


1.1 Our traffic

Our sites receive millions of visits every day. We sell mixed traffic (GEO and Devices). Traffic facts:

    • 60% HQ
    • 70% Mobile devices
    • 90% Straight / 7,5% Gay / 2,5% Trans

Straight, gay and trans traffic are not sold separately. Of course, this can be targeted through the type of content and using relevant meta data in the content feed.

1.2 Rates / Bidding system

We do not work with fixed rates. Our traffic platform is a bidding system (not self served). Your bid plays an important role in deciding how much traffic you actually receive from us.

How you choose to report traffic and by which metrics we get paid is flexible (Google analytics, NATS , your traffic program, HQ/LQ, Mobile/Desktop, per unique visitor, revshare, pay per sale etc.) Your bid in our bidding system is calculated based on the actual earnings per click you receive from us (our stats).

We recommend new tube sites to start with a bid of $1,30 per 1000 Google Analytics sessions (mixed geo).

Most of our premium content clients work with us on a revshare basis. On average a click that we send to premium content sites has 2.5x the value of a click sent to tube sites.

* We advise to not change (increase or decrease) your bid in the first weeks until a stable traffic feed has been established.

1.3 Make it work

How much traffic you can receive from us depends on a few variables:

    • The amount of videos; more content previews means better visibility on our network.
    • Tagging; relevant tags will help to publish your content previews in the right categories and increase exposure.
    • Thumbnail quality; attractive visuals get more clicks.
    • Metadata: the more metadata you deliver the more exposure you will have.
    • Video quality: high quality videos attract more visitors.
    • The bid: your bid is one of the variables used by our algorithm to determine the ranking of your videos.


2.1 Domain Approval

We do not send traffic to sites that do not comply with our Acceptable Content Policy. For approval, your website needs to contain the following documents, which should be clearly visible and retrievable on your website:

2.2​ Content Safety Guidelines*

As client of PB Web Media it is explicitly forbidden to share content via our services that violates Dutch and/or International law. It is also not allowed to act in violation of our Acceptable Content Policy. If you frequently share manifestly illegal content via our services, we may decide to impose a temporary suspension in accordance with our Repeat Infringement Policy (article 5 of our Terms of Service). To minimize the distribution of illegal content/IP-infringing material, we recommend taking the following safety measures:

    • Verify your uploaders
      Make sure only verified users of your website are able to upload content. Correctly
      verifying your uploaders helps addressing those who are responsible for uploading illegal
      content/IP-infringing material. Additionally, it also deters uploaders from uploading
      illegal content/IP-infringing material. This will limit the possibility for you as a platform to
      be held liable. We recommend Yoti as verification solution.
    • Confirmation consent and ownership
      Require your uploaders to confirm for each specific upload that they are the rightful owner of the content or that they have a license to upload the content. Additionally, the uploader should confirm for each specific upload that all participants are of legal age (18 years or older) at the time of filming and that they have given permission to record and upload the content.
    • Implement third-party safety tools
      The Instant Image Identifier (an EU-funded initiative) is a service operated by Offlimits (formerly known as ‘EOKM’). This free and easy to use service compares MD5, SHA1 and/or PhotoDNA hashes of your media files to their database, which consists of hashes of known CSAM or content that is closely related to CSAM. This allows you to take appropriate action to prevent CSAM from being spread.
      Additionally we recommend implementing Content Safety API (Google), PhotoDNA (Microsoft), Safer (Thorn), StopNCII (SWGfL) and Take It Down (NCMEC).
    • Implement a banned-term-list
      Implement an automated process that stops the upload of content that contain terms (in the title, metadata, etc.) that are on your banned-term-list. Feel free to copy our banned-term-list (which can be found here).
    • Manually check high-risk content
      Manually review all uploaded content within designated high-risk categories. Be aware, manually checking content may influence your liability negatively under the European Digital Services Act (or other legislative).


*These content safety guidelines do not serve as legal guidance and no rights can be derived from it.

2.3 Feed requirements

We work with dynamically updated .csv content feeds that are accessible on a public URL.

2.3.1 Format

Below you can find examples how the .csv feed should be formatted.

    1. All videos (Example)
    2. Removed videos (Example)

Please pay attention to the following common mistakes and troubleshooting:


– Please make sure that all rows have an equal amount of fields. Failure to do so will lead to errors while processing your feed.

Using “quotes”

– Any field may be quoted (with double quotes). Fields containing a line-break, double-quote or commas should be quoted. (If they are not, the file will likely be impossible to process correctly.) You can find more information on the correct use of quotes in .csv files here

Use headers

  We advise to use “headers” in the feed. This will ensure that the pairing of your feed is less sensitive to errors.

Allowing outside connections

– Please make sure your server is set up correctly to allow our feed processor to download your .csv. If applicable, you can whitelist our user agent “PBWebMedia-FeedReader/1.0”.

2.3.2 All videos and updates

Your feed should always contain all active videos that you want to index on our network. If videos are no longer available in your feed they will be deactivated on our sites (Please note that you still need to deliver us a removal feed with video id’s as well.). If the amount of videos is too large for one feed you can add multiple feeds into our system.

More information = Better! The feed requirements for tube sites and premium content sites are the same.  The following fields can be specified in our database. Bold indicates a required field. If you do not have any information to put in the non-required fields, please leave these fields empty or simply do not include them in your feed.


Allowed input

Unique item ID

Max. 40 characters, ASCII Table 33-125


Max. 50 characters

Publishing date

For example: 2021-11-13 23:45 UTC (Please make sure to include the time in UTC to align with our system and get the best ranking results). The publish date that you use in this field will be used as publish date on our site as well. Please keep in mind that if there is a delay between the publish date on your site and adding it in the content feed to get listed on our site (for instance 1 week), the content will get listed with a publish date of 1 week ago. This could impact the amount of traffic you can attract from users who sort their view by date. We advise to push content updates to your feeds without delay. New content helps your site to get good exposure within our network.

Video URL

Max 900 characters


Duration preferably in seconds. example: the correct value for a video of 10 minutes and 20 seconds = 620. Premium content sites should use the full duration of the video (after purchase).


Max 255 characters


Plain text, individual values separated by comma.

Default thumbnail URL

Max 900 characters. Please use the thumbnail image that you use on your own site (The image you use on your mainpage or in your related video section). We do not resize the thumbnail images.

Preview image URL

Max. 900 characters. Please use the image you use on the video player page (place holder/poster image). This image will be used for scanning purposes.


Plain text, individual values separated by comma (Please make sure you add this in the feed if you have this information as it will give you a lot more exposure on our sites).


Plain text, individual values separated by comma (Please make sure you add this in the feed if you have this information as it will give you a lot more exposure on our sites).


Plain text (Please make sure you add this in the feed if you have this information as it will give you a lot more exposure on our sites).


HD/Blank, 1/0, Yes/No, True/False, 1080/Blank, 1080p/Blank, 720/Blank, 720p/Blank, Hidef/Blank, Highdefinition/Blank, Hi def/Blank, High definition/Blank  (Alternatively you can specify this by using the forced tag option when adding the feed in our system. This should only be done when all content in the feed is HD.)


HD/Blank, 1/0, Yes/No, True/False (Alternatively you can specify this by using the forced tag option when adding the feed in our system. This should only be done when all content in the feed is 4k.)


VR/Blank, 1/0, Yes/No, True/False (Alternatively you can specify this by using the forced tag option when adding the feed in our system. This should only be done when all content in the feed is VR.)

Studio Name

Plain text. Please do not add usernames here.

Pay Site Name

Plain text.

Under review

1/0, Yes/No, True/False If content is flagged for verification because of possible irregularities and therefore temporarily unavailable you can flag it as “under review” in the feed.

Premium (Only for Premium content advertisers)

Premium/Blank, 1/0, Yes/No, True/False (Alternatively you can specify this by using the forced tag option when adding the feed in our system. This should only be done when all content in the feed is Premium Membership content.)

Pay Per Clip (Only for Premium content advertisers)

PayPerClip/Blank, Paid/Blank, 1/0, Yes/No, True/False (Alternatively you can specify this by using the forced tag option when adding the feed in our system. This should only be done when all content in the feed is PayPerClip.)

Pay Per View (Only for Premium content advertisers)

PayPerView/Blank, 1/0, Yes/No, True/False (Alternatively you can specify this by using the forced tag option when adding the feed in our system. This should only be done when all content in the feed is PayPerView.)

Fan Subscription (Only for Premium content advertisers)

Fansubscription/Blank, 1/0, Yes/No, True/False (Alternatively you can specify this by using the forced tag option when adding the feed in our system. This should only be done when all content in the feed is Fan Subscription.)

Preview available? (Only for Premium content advertisers)

1/0, Yes/No, True/False (Please make sure you add this to your feed when there is a preview video available on the landing page. Users will be able to filter if they want to exclude sites without preview videos. (Alternatively, you can specify this by using the forced tag option when adding the feed in our system. This should only be done when all content in the feed has a video preview.)

Preview duration (Only for Premium content advertisers)

Duration of the preview/trailer (preferably in seconds. Example: the correct value for a video of 10 minutes and 20 seconds = 620. For other formats please ask.)

Price (in USD)  (Only for Premium content advertisers)


Below you can find an example how the .csv feed should be formatted.


2.3.3 Deleted/removed videos

It’s very important to keep our content database up to date, please make sure to add removed video id’s to your removal feed as soon as possible after removal.

When we receive indications that your removal feed is not up to date or does not work; our Q&A department will notify you about this issue. We may decide to pause traffic until the removal feed issue has been resolved.

Removal feeds are checked for updates every hour! Please include only 1 field in your removal feed.

    • Unique Item ID (please make sure the ID is exactly the same as in the Import feed)

Below you can find an example how the .csv feed should be formatted.


2.3.4 Auto removal

When receiving an error while downloading your thumbnail images; we check the corresponding video page url for a 410 Gone error, a HTTP response status code that indicates that the resource requested by the client has been permanently removal.

If this error is received then this video will automatically get disabled in our database. Please note: this is not a replacement of the removal feed. An updated removal feed is required at all times.

2.3.5 Updating metadata

Updating the metadata of your content happens automatically. All the data can be changed except the Item ID. Once the updated metadata has been fetched from your import feed(s) the data is usually replaced on our sites with a delay up to 36 hours.

2.4 Tracking and reporting

You can keep track of our traffic using Google Analytics or other tracking software (your own affiliate tracking system, Piwik etc.). Traffic/Sales must be reported to us at the end of each month. In Google Analytics you can set an auto-report, preferably scheduled on the 2nd of each month or you can share a campaign view with us ( ). In your own affiliate tracking system you can create an account for us to log in to so we can check the result ourselves.

Traffic/Sales reports should be sent within 5 days after the previous month has ended. If traffic has not been reported within this deadline, traffic might be paused (unless agreed otherwise).

All results are benchmarked against our own tracking software, cheating will be detected!

2.5 Advertising guidelines

Our Q&A department will check if your video landing pages meet the requirements as described in our advertising guidelines. Our advertising guidelines have been carefully put together based on industry standards (Leading publisher networks).
Please note that these guidelines are very important to us and the way we work, they are a critical part of our traffic program.
View our Advertising Guidelines here.

2.6 Payment

Traffic/Sales are invoiced to the same entity which also signed the traffic agreement. We work with pre-payments (Except for partners who pay us based on a revshare/cost per sale). Traffic/Sales are invoiced monthly and invoices will be deducted from your prepaid funds. Invoices will be issued from our company PB Web Media B.V..

Additional funds will be automatically taken to the next month. It can happen that your prepaid funds run out before the month has ended. Additional costs will be charged separately under the following terms.

2.6.1 Terms of payment

    • All invoices must be paid within the 20th day of the last day of the previous month, unless otherwise stated in the invoice.
    • Any invoice not paid within 20 days of the last day of the previous month, or paid within the amount of days stated in the invoice, will automatically result in you being in default and you will be required to pay additional costs.
    • If you are in default, we shall provide to you an invoice with the interest at the legal rate from the date that the amount was due and the additional costs incurred in connection with the collection of the debt.
    • The legal interest rate is 1.5% per month or the maximum amount permitted by law.
    • The additional costs incurred in connection with the collecting of the debt are 10% of the remaining amount due, with a minimum of $50.

2.6.2 Payment methods

We accept Wire or Paxum. We charge an additional fee of 2,5% to USD payments we receive per Paxum. When setting up your account you can specify your preferred payment method.

2.6.3 Compliance

To make sure we do not facilitate direct or indirect transactions in relation to entities that appear on the OFAC SDN List, EU Consolidated Sanction list and/or United Nations Security Council Consolidated List. We actively validate all payments we receive by checking these resources. It is possible we ask you to supply specific information in relation to this validation.

For US customers: We only accept payments from financial institutions that meet the criteria of the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Please make sure you check this before you send payments to us.

2.7 Notice and Action Policy (including DMCA)

Our clients are required to comply with our Acceptable Content Policy which is described here. If we receive notice alleging that any preview or content linked to on our website violates our Acceptable Content Policy, we will act in accordance with our Notice and Take Action policy. This policy also describes what you as a client can do in case you believe that a content link has been removed as a result of a misidentification or incorrect notice.

With regards to DMCA takedown requests, we have a policy in place to terminate the accounts of repeat copyright infringers, when appropriate, and we will act expeditiously to disable access to all material that infringes on another’s copyright.

To apply our Repeat Infringement Policy (RIP) correctly, we ask every site if they allow individual users to upload content on their site. If this changes over time, please let us know so we can apply our RIP correctly. If you allow users to upload content on your site please make sure you include the usernames in the content feed.

Unfortunately, we sometimes receive DMCA notices for content from channels, producer accounts, verified users etc. that may have been properly licensed to you. If that is the case, please send us a counter-notification or contact the person/company that sent us the DMCA/Copyright notice and ask them to retract and/or correct the DMCA notice they sent to us. We are not party to any (mis)communication between your content suppliers/users and you regarding the promotion and licensing of their content on your site. It is very important that you take any DMCA notices we forward seriously and act accordingly, because we ban users and terminate sites that repeatedly infringe the copyright of others.

2.8 Content filters

We believe that every website should use automated content detection technologies. These technologies are able to detect underage or infringing content. For user generated content sites we consider this a mandatory practice. Examples of technologies used in the adult Industry :

  • CSAI Match (Youtube)
  • Content Safety API (Google)
  • PhotoDNA (Microsoft)
  • Instant Image Identifier by /
  • Project Arachnid
  • Vobile
  • Digiregs



3.1 Signup process

Q: How is my personal information treated? 
A: The personal information you provide is stored in 3rd party CRM system which is ISAE3402 certified.

3.2 Traffic

Q: Why am I getting more than 40% LQ geo? 
A: It’s likely that you have high rankings on sites that are visited by people from LQ countries.

Q: Can I exclude traffic from certain sites? 
A: No, all of our sites use the same content database.

Q: Can I exclude traffic from certain geos? 
A: No, we are not able to geo-target.

Q: Why do I achieve more pageviews in the beginning of the campaign? 
A: Most of the traffic in the beginning of the campaign comes from our “New Movies” sections, combined with the fact that your site is new to the visitor this can result in a higher amount of pageviews per visit.

Q: How much traffic can you send? 
A: From a few thousand visits up to a couple million a day. Please take into account the variables as described in section 1.3.

Q: Can I set a cap/maximum on traffic I want to receive each day? 
A: An exact cap/maximum is not possible, however we do our best not to exceed your budget and have a set of tools to assist us with that.

Q: Where does your traffic come from? 
A: Most of our traffic is direct and SE.

Q: From which domains do I get traffic? 
A: Click here to view our full list of active domains.

Q: If I stop buying traffic, how long does it take for traffic to stop? 
A: When we disable traffic; traffic stops within 24 hours.

Q: How long does it take to rebuild the traffic feed after my traffic has been paused? 
A: If traffic has been paused, rebuilding the traffic can take a couple of days up to a couple of weeks.

Q: Google Analytics data indicated a small amount of campaign traffic is from Bots, why is that? 
A: We use various monitoring tools. This might cause a small amount of traffic to get identified as bot.

3.3 Content

Q: How often is my content updated? 
A: Once the content has been fetched from your import feed(s) the content is usually published on our sites with a delay up to 36 hours. Import feeds are checked multiple times a day.

Q: How fast is content removed from your network? 
A: Normally within a few hours. Your removal feeds are checked by our script every hour.

Q: I see you have a HD filter, how does that work? 
A: The following tags are recognised by our script to help us apply the HD filter (hd, 1080, 1080p, 720, 720p, hidef, highdefinition). You can add this information in a seperate field. If your site only contains HD content, you can specify this and tag all your content as HD by default when adding your content feed by using our forced tags system.

Q: How can I get my VR content listed in your VR sections and 
A: You can get your VR content listed by adding an indicator in the feed. Please check the feed requirements for more information. Alternatively you can create a feed with only VR content.  The minimum requirements for VR Tube traffic sites are:


    • A streaming video player that supports VR.
    • Possibility to stream to a mobile device in Cardboard Mode.
    • Downloads of Free VR Preview files for devices such as Gear VR, Oculus Rift and others which can be accessed without sign-up (This does not apply for VR Premium Content sites).


Q: Do you store my thumbnails on your own content server?   
A: We use thumbnail image caching. Which means that we do not download and store a permanent copy of the thumbnail images which you provide in the feed. Instead the images are downloaded to an image server and refreshed every couple of hours. It’s important that your thumbnail images are accessible for our tool 100% of the time. If we are not able to download the image it means that the thumbnail image on our site remains blank or gets hidden. This will result in less traffic.

Q: Can I add multiple sites? 
A: Yes as long as they do not contain duplicated content.

Q: How is the publish date field used? 
A: We use the publish date that you specify in the field as publish date on our site as well. If there is no publish date specified in the feed, the content will be marked as unknown and placed at the bottom of the date ranking. (Users who sort/filter by date will be less likely to find your content).

3.4 Bidding

Q: How much traffic to expect when changing a bid? 
A: This depends on the average price in “the market” at the time of the bid change. However, we have created a forecasting algorithm which helps predict traffic changes (based on historic data). A bid change can also be done by adjusting our Revshare %.

* Please note that the actual numbers can differ, this is merely a forecast to help you optimize your bidding strategy. The forecast numbers do not apply for niche sites such as Gay, VR or Premium. The percentages below are based on our own clicks.

Bid Change %

Traffic Change %

Traffic Change % (minimum)

Traffic Change % (maximum)





































































Q: How fast will my bid change take effect?  
A: Usually you should see the first result of your bid adjustment within 2 to 3 days.

Q: Why am I (often) seeing a change in traffic in the beginning of the month?  
A: Once per month (usually between the 5th and 10th of each month) we re-calculate traffic settings based on the current bids. This might impact traffic volume to your site.

Q: Is it possible to get extra exposure for my best performing content? 
A: Currently this is not possible.

3.5 Payment

Q: What is the minimum prepayment? 
A: We ask a minimum prepayment of $1000.

Q: Do you accept crypto currencies? 
A: We do not accept crypto currencies.

Q: If I decide to stop buying traffic before my prepayment runs out, do I get a refund? 
A: Yes, if you stop buying traffic and the funds in your account are higher than the amount owed to us for your traffic.

Q: Is there somewhere I can validate your business registration? 
A: We are located and registered in The Netherlands. Feel free to check the credentials on our invoice at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (

Q: Is there a minimum amount of traffic? 
A: Yes, minimum monthly budget is $1000.

Q: Do I get an invoice? 
A: Yes, you will receive a monthly invoice from us.

Q: Can I do a short test for less than the minimum amount? 
A: No, this is not possible.

Q: What about VAT? 
A: We are a EU company and act in compliance with EU tax regulations. This means 21% VAT is applied to the invoices of individuals and companies located in the Netherlands. Companies from other EU countries that provide a valid VAT number receive an invoice with VAT reverse-charged. All VAT numbers are validated through the VIES system. Individuals from other EU countries are subject to local VAT charges. Companies and individuals outside the EU economic region are VAT exempt.

Q: Why don’t you accept PayPal? 
A: Adult companies do not fit within the Acceptable Use policies of PayPal.

3.6 Feeds

Q: I don’t have usernames. But you say it is mandatory. What should I do?
A: If your site does not have any user generated content you can add your own site name or leave it blank.

Q: I made a mistake and want to change the video id’s. What should I do?
A: You are not able to change this yourself. Please contact your sales manager.


3.7 Misc.

Q: Does your traffic have SEO impact? 
A: We are not aware of any negative SEO impact.

Q: Can I buy from you as an individual? 
A: Yes, if you are an individual from the EU please make sure to also read our VAT FAQ.

Q: Do you sell Ad spots? 
A: No, we do not sell additional advertisement space. 

Q: Who can I ask questions? 
A: Every account is assigned to a dedicated account manager.





Contact us

If you have any additional questions, please contact your account manager or e-mail us at