Traffic for Tube Sites

The team behind has been active in the adult industry since 2002. We are the leading adult content discovery platform for targeted traffic. Well known examples of our sites are, and

Our traffic products

    • Tube traffic (straight and multiniche)
    • VR Tube traffic
    • Gay Tube Traffic
    • Trans Tube traffic

Why buy traffic from us?

    • High volumes available
    • Easy to maintain
    • Flexible partnership conditions (pay us: per click, per unique visitor etc.) 
    • Bidding system (our earnings influence how much traffic you receive) 
    • Active compliancy team (to ensure all sites in our network follow the same rules for advertising) 
    • Traffic from established sites with an excellent reputation
    • Longterm business vision 

How does it work?

We send traffic to your video pages by listing your content previews on our sites. Our sites aggregate content previews from more than 250 sources. The content previews are organised in hundreds of categories and our algorithm constantly optimises which content previews are presented to the visitor in each category.

After the signup process has been completed you can add your site(s) and add your dynamically updated content feeds (this contains all metadata that we need to add your content previews). After the feeds have been setup the content updates are fully automated. 

Our Acceptable Content Policy

If you wish to become a member of our Traffic Program, please note that you must read and accept the following Acceptable Content Policy

In general, we do not send traffic to sites that;

    • condone “piracy” or steal content.
    • operate using a domain name that indicates or suggests that the site offers pirated or stolen content.
    • advertises or promotes itself as offering pirated or stolen content.
    • contain illegal material such as: CP, obscenity, pedophilic content, etc.
    • facilitate or encourage illegal activity such as password stealing, hacking, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, etc.
    • cheat or mislead us in any way; or,
    • contain viruses, trojans, malware etc. and/or otherwise violate our Advertising Guidelines.
    • we deem unsuitable for any reason, in our discretion.


All services are provided subject to execution of our Traffic Services Agreement, containing all applicable contractual provisions.